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55Tone Community Solution

A fully-integrated platform for improve the community care.

Service Connection Device, SCD

55TONE SCD is a place-dependent device which provide a 100% user-oriented designed, with its infographic interface, the operation is considered as simple and easy. It has specific mechanical design and camera embedded that are utilized in order to frame a better video call quality. Without any difficulty, users can make video calls with just one touch – not limited to SCD, users can also connect on to PC or PSTN, as the video call signal stability has, indeed, been hugely ameliorated.

Service Convergence Platform, SCP

55TONE SCP is engaged with the existing broadband and information center infrastructure, therefore a multi-service management protocol (MSMP) connected with 3rd party service operator is established. 55TONE supports our third party service provider a simple collaborative development environment. In addition to develop the application service software you will find a fully integrated service environment SCP embedded system as well.


Family Companion